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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.
  • Over 20 years of experience in the construction estimating business.

  • Specializing in quantity estimating and pricing for over 20 trades.

  • Pricing subject to Non- Union, union or prevailing wage labor

  • We can accept all drawings (PDF) by email

  • Easy to read excel spread sheets

  • Excel sheets are adjustable by client for easy changes

  • Spread sheets are easily converted to proposals

  • All estimating is on screen for absolute accuracy

  • All credit cards accepted.

  • Computerized spread sheets (excel program)

  • Proposals for trades

  • Consulting

  • Material lists

  • Blue print scanning and uploading

  • List of sub contractors available for your projects (upon request)

  • Free insurance quotes ( Liability & work man's compensation)

  • Free bonding quotes

  • Architectural drawings

  • Engineering quotes

  • Shop drawings (structural) including shoring, underpinning, concrete

  • Bin construction services (plan overlays) for huge project savings

  • Construction scheduling

  • Blueprinting ($2 per page) full size hard copy

  • Bonding and construction financing

  • Value Engineering

  • Real estates transaction sales 


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